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What would Gordon Gekko wear? That is the question, but really you have to have some context to the question for it to make any sense. The Just for dudes style section is based on a simple fact that should cause the avg guy to breath easy, FASHION is trendy, subject to ridicule, requires a bit of Queer eye for the straight guy kinda knowledge, Summery? Fashion something we/most guys have F#*k-.all interest in, and lets just throw that word under the bus at the start. BUT style? Now that is a whole different subject.


Period the end, even we can understand this right? Thats exactly how we are going to lay out our mens style section, based on giving you EXACT examples of styles that will, raise your standing as a possible Mate/Stud Muffin/Job Seeker/guy at coffee shop/Raising Middle Manager, it really does NOT matter what you do. Style is exactly the same as having a nice car, its just a useful thing in the real world. It takes a bit of time, and a bit of money…and no you wont be looking at $1,200 Gucci shoes here!

If you want Fashion Advise, head over to GQ.com, they can show you how to spend four grand on one outfit that they will consider a bit dated next year, (barf)

The point of style is it is almost timeless, even more so for guy, although trends do change, its very gradual for men, with some garments have not changed much in 50 plus years. Think I am kidding? Check out this vintage pic of stud Steve McQueen. steve mcqueen cable sweater This shows Steve wearing a white cable, fisherman s wool sweater, and glasses are most likely Persol. I can guarantee you if you went out and wore that exact outfit you would look great and have STYLE.

So this is how we are going to roll, We are going to lay down about 20-30 cloths items you need to have in your closet. You can hum and ho etc, but really the best idea unless you want to think about this to much is just go buy em, put them together as we suggest and you will look 100 percent better than the other guy without drifting into that dangerous zone knows as fashion.


Most guys want to look better than they do, but sorta miss the boat along the way.

If you want to look great, turn a LOT more female attention your way, and want to do it with almost no effort,  then our style guide is going to rock your world. Now lets talk about budget, everything worth doing or owning usually always cost some investment, either time or cash.

A lot of mens style classics, what we will be focusing on here can be found in thrift store, consignment stores, used on Ebay and of course bought new pretty much anywhere.  Some people think used is gross, period end of story, and if you are in that boat this will be a bit more expensive for you to collect all the right bits and bobs, but you always have the option to have a garment dry-cleaned or professionally laundered if you think you can get over the used part.  Buying pre-owened is a personal choice, but going the used route has same very real game changing outcomes if you know what you are doing (and you will soon) Why? Well buying used allows you to buy stuff 95 percent of us cant afford, or if we can we cant afford enough of it to pull off an entire wardrobe.  I happen to really like Hugo Boss suits, when I can be tortured into a suit that is, but with three kids, a  mortgage  and all the trimmings, I cant afford to buy a two thousand dollar suit. So as a live example I am going to pause this article and head to Ebay, to see what I could afford..PAUSE …..

Stylish Mens Suit


OK, so on a very fast scan I found a great deal on a NEW Hugo Boss current suit that was used in a recent Bond movie, (Bond Movies are all about pure style) for a price tag of $320 bucks, vs around two grand. Mint used suits go for around $100 bucks. The short version of this story is for about $500 bucks you can get 5 sweet suits which if you bought new would run you $10, 000 bucks (gulp). If you are thinking you can head to the mens warehouse and buy $100 buck suits and pull off the same trick, sorry but you cant…a high end , Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss or Zegna suit are crafted garments made by master tailors , of world class materials, They are not made in some sweat shop, and the quality will show in how the garment looks on you.

So back to the question, what would Gordon Gekko Wear? The answer is simple, a high quality stylish set of cloths. Easy right?

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    What would Gordon Gekko Wear?
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