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Low T Treatment Options: Common Solutions


If you think you have low testosterone levels and are looking for low t treatment, you’re not alone.  And no one’s pointing fingers and laughing at you.  Except maybe your wife.  But then again, she’s probably only laughing because you’re so bent out of shape over it, and she wants you to get treatment because it will mean better sex for her.  You can find many different forms of low testosterone treatment; while some of them are tried and true, others are more innovative and would probably do nothing for your testosterone levels while generating warts all over your face.  Be smart when considering low testosterone treatment options.  (This means don’t seek treatment from your spam emails regarding penis enlargement or erectile dysfunction.)  Here in this article, some of the more common solutions to low testosterone therapy treatment will be discussed so that you can be aware of low t treatment options that will get you back to your brawny, manly, sex machine self in no time.


Talk to Your Doctor About Low T Treatment


First and foremost, swallow your pride.  Even though you’re a big, tough man who can tie your own shoes and everything, it’s okay to get help for things sometimes.  Just remember that if you’re too proud to talk to your doctor about this, you might die.  Okay, maybe not “die”, but you might have some serious health consequences.  Trust me, you don’t want to go there.  In order to receive many of these low t treatment options, a doctor’s approval and recommendation is required in the first place.  Symptoms such as sexual dysfunction, reduced libido, depression, decreased mental sharpness, lack of energy, and trouble sleeping all indicate the possibility of low testosterone levels, but noticing these low testosterone symptoms does not necessarily prove that your testosterone levels are low.  Having an official doctor’s examination and blood test will allow you and your doctor to determine what exactly is taking place and will allow the doctor to personally recommend the ideal low t treatment therapy for your situation (like, stop making floral arrangements and go play some rugby).


Common Solutions Recommended by Doctors for Low T Treatment


There are several common solutions recommended by doctors for low t treatment.  One of these is using daily gels, solutions, or patches to increase testosterone levels.  These transmit testosterone through the skin directly into the body throughout the course of the day.  There is also the Buccal tablet, which is a tablet placed inside the mouth and allows testosterone to be absorbed by the gums into the body over a period of 12 hours.  Think of this as sort of like a healthier version of the chewing tobacco from your college baseball days.  In addition to these methods, there are also a few more invasive ones that are effective low testosterone treatment options.  Testosterone injections can be a very successful form of low t treatment.  These injections are typically made directly into the upper buttock once every one to two weeks by your personal physician.  The convenience of testosterone injections is that they are not something that must be dealt with every day.  The inconvenience of testosterone injections is that once every one to two weeks, you have to let another man shoot you in the butt.  At least it’s just testosterone and not a bullet.  Still we don’t recommend you show your butt battle scars to everyone on national television like Forrest Gump.  Another kind of low testosterone treatment is using pellets.  Your doctor can conduct a surgical procedure in which he places a pellet near the hip and underneath the skin.  This will conduct a fresh flow of testosterone into your body to up your testosterone levels.  Nothing makes you a real man like suffering through manly surgery in the name of testosterone. 


Low T Treatment Success


Using questionable forms of low testosterone treatment is not something your doctor would recommend, nor is it likely to work.  You may wake up one morning to find that your cock has shrunk to smaller-than-chick size, or maybe you just can’t see it any longer over the beach ball sized gut you’ve developed.  Instead of risking your health by trying every form of low t treatment that you can find online, consult your doctor to see what he personally recommends for you.  Each man is different and therefore will have a different physiological reaction to these low testosterone treatment options.  Testosterone gel may work for your best friend while you have to suffer regular manly testosterone pellet surgery in order to catch up to his t levels.  That’s okay, you can always rub it in his face later that he took the easy way out while you took the manlier path.  Your personal physician will be able to recommend the best low t treatment form for your situation so that you can successfully increase your testosterone levels and return to life as it should be: full of sports, car racing, cooking steak over an open grill, and good sex. 


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