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Low T: All You Need to Know

If you’re so apathetic toward sex with your woman that you think you might be gay,(or worse, she does). Low t could be the cause.  Understanding what testosterone is and how decreased testosterone levels affect the body can help you understand how to cage this problem and not have to cage your snake.  Here you will learn what exactly testosterone is and how it affects the male body, what it means to have low testosterone, and what causes it.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone production is a natural physiological process that turns boys into grown men.  It maintains sexual function and stimulates the production of sperm so that you can bless the world with more of your genes.  It also works to increase muscle mass and strength as well as bone strength, which is why men like you are so much larger and stronger than women.  Testosterone gives you the strength to lift that oh, so heavy box while she waits to kiss you soundly.  During puberty, testosterone helps the male sex organs to form and promotes male traits such as hair growth and a deepening voice.  It is the stuff that makes you a real man with real power to do big, buff, manly things like drive monster trucks and chew rocks.

What is Low Testosterone?

Low T is when testosterone levels are lower than they normally should be.  But of course you figured that out because you’re smarter than your girlfriend gives you credit for.  To keep your T levels within the accepted normal range on the numerical scale requires precise measurement by the brain and testicles to determine whether or not the body’s production of testosterone is normal.  When the brain detects that testosterone levels are below this normal range, it tells the testicles to produce more.  If the brain is not detecting this properly, the result is low t.  Lower testosterone is common as the body ages, both for men and women, so the next time your wife accuses you of having no brain, you can turn it back around on her because she probably has mental problems, too.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

There are many causes of low t, a few of which are listed here.  Men’s testosterone levels begin decreasing generally after age 25-30.  Would you like a side of low libido with your receding hair line?  One cause of low t levels (more diagnosis than cause) is that technology gets increasingly better all the time, and thus it is better able to measure testosterone levels.  So now you can thank your blessed 90 inch high definition flat screen TV for capturing amazing action moves in the living room while stopping amazing action moves in the bedroom.  Whether or not you are classified as having low testosterone can also be affected by the time of day you went in to be tested.  For example, some individuals have higher testosterone levels in the morning.  For all males, testosterone levels fluctuate many times throughout the day.  It’s probably not the best time to get tested right after spending lunch with your in-laws or just after getting blasted in a work meeting by your 60 year old female superior.  Another “cause” of low t is the media’s portrayal of testosterone.  Men are constantly thrown images or messages by various media sources suggesting they aren’t manly enough.  You’re not alone; media makes everyone feel insecure.  Now when personal insecurities make your wife cry because of a Victoria’s Secret commercial, you can cry because of an Old Spice commercial (and because you weren’t turned on by the Victoria’s Secret models).  Other low t causes can be injuries to the testicles (yes, it really CAN kill you), testicular cancer, hormonal disorders or imbalances, infections, diabetes, obesity, infections, or HIV/AIDS, as well as some medications or genetic conditions.  At times it may seem like the whole world is conspiring to make you a weak, depressed, flabby, sex-deprived man wannabe.

How To Deal With Low Testosterone

Now that you understand what testosterone is and how it affects the body, you are better able to appreciate the significance of low t.  However, this is not a reason to hide in shame from other men.  Talk to your doctor and have him test your testes.  If results say you have low t, there are many ways to increase testosterone levels.  Low t is a common experience; if all the men with low testosterone hid in shame, women would be able to take over the world.  Then all the sporting goods stores and tool shops would be replaced with shoe stores and beauty salons.  So if you’re scared you’re not man enough to handle low t, think of the future.  Someone has to save the world from eye shadow and stilettos.

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