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How to Pick Up Women: Mind Frame

So you want to learn how to pick up women?  It appears that sometime in the 25 years since sucking your thumb and crying because your baby sister stole your Hot Wheels, you discovered that there are these fascinating subjects called “women”.  Women are strange, curvy, gorgeous creatures whose endless love for shoes, clothes, pedicures, and romantic comedies is something you’ll never figure out, yet never stop being intrigued by.  Women mesmerize you with their ginormous bright eyes and plush red lips and mile long legs.  Chances are that you might have even stopped to talk to a woman once – or maybe you just came really close to it and it came out sounding something like “uhnn yeah umm hi…”  We’re here to save you poor shmucks from a lifetime of living in your mothers’ basements and teach you how to pick up women so you can get onto being Superman instead of remaining a perpetual Clark Kent.


Scientific Evidence Confirms Rumors that Women Are People

One of the first things you need to know about how to pick up women is that women are PEOPLE.  I know, you’re thinking, “Whoa, wait, what?”  But scientific studies have found indisputable evidence that 98% of women are actually human beings just like men are.  As for the other 2%, who knows what they are?  (Just pray you never come across them.)  For the 98% of real bona fide human women, you need to somehow recognize that they are people.  Not chicks.  Not babes.  Whatever you call them with your man friends, think of them as real beautiful people when you want to know how to pick up women.  Take it from us – if you want to snag a woman and hold onto her for longer than it takes for her to walk away after you say, “Hey baby, I lost my number.  Can I have yours?”, you have to treat her like a human being.  A gorgeous, sexy, refined human being far above your own station.  Then she might give you the time of day and maybe even the time you can pick her up later for dinner.


Patience Is A Virtue for Men, Too

Another part of how to pick up women is to accept that you probably won’t be getting any right away.  Until you really know the women in question, you have to assume the old saying goes, Men give love for sex, women give sex for love. While we all know you’ve got sex on the brain, you also need to know that for most women, you have to put a lid on your libido (at least at first).  Seeing a woman as an object for sex may end up getting you a one-night stand but it will also get (catch) you a lot of other things.  Seriously, the kind of woman who is willing to sleep with you without even knowing your name has HAS done so with a lot of other men like you.  Learn to slow down just a bit.  And if she seems to want it right away but you tell her you want to take things slow, chances are she’ll think you caring and sensitive and will want you all the more.  Why spend all your life trying to figure out how to pick up women when you can do it right the first time?  By holding back a bit up front, you’ll find yourself getting to know her personality and fun quirks first.  Then when it’s time for intimacy, you’ll know each other so much better and it will be a much more pleasurable experience.


How to Pick Up Women

Apart from treating women like people and not just using them for sex objects, most of the help you need involves getting to know women individually.  You may love sports and camping while she sings country music at karaoke bars and hangs out at the beach.  If you can wrap your mind around the idea that women are people, too, you already know how to pick up women.  Just be a man and go talk to her.  Try saying something a little more intelligent and a little less suggestive this time, and you just might snag both a date and a woman.  And some more manly self-confidence in the process.

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