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What is Low T?

What is low t?  Maybe you already know, or maybe you don’t know, or maybe you don’t really want to know…but it’s probably a question you’ll need answered at some point before your testosterone levels are so depleted that you feel like a little girl.  Low testosterone, also known as testosterone insufficiency or low t, is what happens when the amount of testosterone produced by the body is lower than the normal range of testosterone levels.  It happens to a lot of men due to a number of causes, whether from aging or related health issues or injuries.  Never fear: although it’s the last thing you want to have happen to you because it can shrink your package, it can also treated with the proper testing and doctor recommended treatments.  To make sure you’re armed with all the information you need to know, this article will answer all your questions about what is low t, what are symptoms of low t, and what are common causes of low t so that we can to bring you back up to size (pun intended).

What is Low T?

Low testosterone is a decrease in the normal levels of testosterone, the male hormone that maintains and stimulates sexual function and organs.  Testosterone gives you that deep bass voice, puts hair on your chest, and strengthens your muscles and bones to make you bigger and stronger.  In other words, it turns you into the king of the jungle.  So when testosterone decreases, a lot of other things do, also – your muscles, your libido, and (most importantly) your size.  The brain and testes cooperate to determine appropriate levels of testosterone for the body; if one isn’t functioning properly, testosterone production gets messed up.  So if you’ve been head butting one too many times celebrating all those touchdowns, you might indirectly ruin your own sexual prowess.

What are Symptoms of Low T?

After the question of what is low t often comes the question of what are the symptoms of low t.  Some of the common symptoms include fatigue, decrease in energy, weakness, and depression.  That means you can blame your unfortunate health condition for not getting up off your rear to take out the trash.  Just tell your wife your poor low testosterone levels only give you enough energy to watch the game.  (She’ll love that.)  One prominent symptom of low testosterone levels is decreased sex drive.  At least it doesn’t mean your woman’s inexplicable apathy toward sex is rubbing off on you.  In addition, experiencing a decrease in mental quickness or ability to think can also be indicative of hormonal problems such as low testosterone levels.  You’re not the only man going mentally ape; it’s just a hormonal imbalance.  A decrease in muscle tone and related increase in body fat may also be symptoms of low testosterone, which means that more things than pizza and beer are adding to your gut.  Experiencing more irritability is another common symptom of low testosterone – yep, you’ve got male PMS.  You can go cry into your pillow now.  Although these may be symptoms of other medical conditions, the possibility of low t should not be ruled out until testing has been done.  Even if no symptoms are experienced, you can still have low testosterone levels.  You may wonder, “If I experience none of these symptoms, what is low t going to do to me?”  It will kill you!  Well, perhaps not directly.  But having low testosterone levels leads to many health complications that can become serious later on in life.  Why so serious?!  If there is any risk of low testosterone, even without symptoms, get tested by your doctor.

What is Low T Caused By?

There are many causes for low testosterone.  The first is aging, or “male menopause” as it is sometimes referred to.  This begins as early as age 25-30 and continues to gradually decrease testosterone production for years.  Before you know it you’ll be 33 with bald spots and completely unable to have an erection.  You might as well crawl under a rock and die.  (Or search this site for viable treatment options and save yourself the trouble of trying to find a rock big enough to cover you so that your shiny bald head doesn’t reflect the sunlight and draw attention.)  Additional causes include obesity (no matter how many times you try to convince yourself, your Budda belly is NOT making you more attractive to the woman in your life), diabetes, or hormonal disorders.  Infections or injuries to the testicles can lead to low testosterone production.  Try not to piss her off or a swift kick may land you with testosterone injections for the rest of your life.  More serious causes include testicular cancer and HIV/AIDS. 

What is Low T Going to Mean for You?

While low testosterone is not something to be ignored, it is also not something to be too panicked about because it can be treated.  What is low t going to mean for you?  It will mean taking on the incredibly manly duty of talking to your doctor and determining the appropriate method of treatment so that your body can return to producing healthy man hormones. 

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