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Dating 101:

Show A Woman You’re Interested and Keep Her Interested

Ah, dating.  Everyone loves it and everyone loves to hate it.  But if you know how to work the system, dating is definitely doable, even if you’re a loner gamer.  Now if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone like a real man would, it’s really not that hard to get a woman to agree to go on just one date with you.  The harder thing is keeping her interested and showing her that you’re interested.  If you’ve been on a million first dates and have never been able to get her to agree to a second date, then your problem may be that you don’t know how to keep the interest level up.  Or that you really, really suck at first dates.  Perhaps you should change your first date plan from the generic fist movie date to something a little more romantic and intimate. The first date is pretty much the most important date as it is the first real impression. Where you take her and what you do is a huge indicator to her about your quality as a man. Some great first date options include

  • Museum or gallery opening
  • Intimate picnic
  • Bowling/go kart racing (hey it’s fun!)
  • Cook for her(some skills required)
  • Introductory art class together
  • Find more great first date ideas here.

Get Over Yourself (Just A Little)

If you want to keep her interested in you and show her that you’re interested in her, don’t spend the whole time bragging about yourself.  Sure, your testosterone is shouting for you to impress her with everything you’ve got.  But don’t spend the whole time talking about how many yards you gained in college football, how you always win at Wii Frisbee golf, or the awesome promotion you got at work making you assistant to the assistant executive (great bragging rights there).  Even though you really can bench press three times your own weight, she doesn’t need to know that right away.  Show her how awesome you are rather than just talking about it.  But don’t just pick her up and carry her out of the restaurant to show off your rippling muscles, unless something like a random flood comes from the restaurant kitchens and you want to save her and her Jimmy Choo heels from ruination.

Show Her How Cool You Are

While avoiding the “I’m the most supremely awesome man you’ll ever meet”, you want to fit in the “I am pretty dang cool and I’m modest about it.”  You want her to get to know you and your awesomely amazing talents that no other man can compete with.  Show her you’re worth something more than the other guys at the restaurant who are currently hating on you for being with the hottest girl there.  Just do so naturally while avoiding sounding like you’re conceited.  She knows that if you really are full of yourself, there’s no room in you to be attracted to her.  Don’t go overboard trying to impress her or she’ll think you go home every night and kiss your reflection on the full length mirrors you have plastered to all your walls.  Let her find out you’re both Bruce Wayne and Batman later on, when you stop by in the morning after a night of keeping the forces of evil at bay.

Get Into Her

Obviously, if you want to enjoy the time you spend with this woman, she’s going to need to get to know you and your interests.  But how can you expect her to do that if you aren’t willing to get to know her?  You need to learn what she likes to do, too.  Find out what sparks her interest!  Is she into movies, books, hiking, swimming, photography, cooking?  Once you are clued into this crucial bit of information, take a hint and plan a date around it.  Most women like more things than pedicures and shoes, but you’ll still probably have to suck it up and try something new.  Honestly, you may think the idea of baking cupcakes or going country dancing sounds too girly for you, but if she loves it, try it.  There’s a good possibility that you will actually have a lot of fun.  And if you try something that she’s interested in, she’ll be much more willing to return the favor.  Before you know it you’ll be baking with her while she’s cutely trying to beat you at Halo, and you’ll both be having an absolute blast.

Contact Her

Most of all, CONTACT HER.  If you want to keep her, don’t make her do all the work.  Go out of your way to show her that you’re interested in her.  Tired of dating games where you have no idea if she even remembers who you are?  Try not to contribute to the problem.  Women like it when men don’t mess around and call them to ask them out.  Get over the juvenile idea of “ball’s in her court” and take the reins in the relationship.  If you do that, it’s more than likely that she’ll reciprocate your interest.

Keeping Up the Interest

There are a lot of ways how to show a woman you are interested, most of which involve contacting her and getting to know her.  Call her up and ask her out, even if you did so last time.  Swallow your pride and suffer through the occasional chick flick, and she’ll know that you really want to spend time with her.  Keep up your manliness, of course – we don’t want you to be so whipped you can’t even dribble a basketball because you’re too busy dribbling drool down your chin.  But be willing to do what she wants to do and she’ll be willing to do what you want to do.  If you take the effort to get to know her, she’ll be even more curious about you.

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