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Make Yourself  Sexier to Women

What’s this?  You already know you look sexy.  Those new designer jeans and V-neck shirt are just perfectly tight fitted to show off your muscular physique.  You’ve mastered the Zoolander Magnum face and your pockets are full of cash.  What more could a woman want?  Oh, right.  If you knew that you wouldn’t be reading this.  Basically, we’re here to tell you that you need more.  Sure, women are attracted to nice guns and a studly suit.  But despite the fact that you’re only into her because she’s hot, she needs a little more to be attracted to than your looks.  That’s because women are alien creatures who actually don’t think about sex 99% of the time.  Maybe even less than 50% of the time.  As bizarre as that sounds, it’s the truth, so there have got to be ways to make yourself sexier. Face it: finding a great girlfriend/partner is one of the most important things to having an amazing life. Fact.

Romance, Romance, oh yeah, did we mention Romance?

Chicks dig romance.  Sappy romantic comedies where the man drops everything to sweep her off her feet may leave you gagging but they leave women crying.  Learning how to be romantic is definitely something that can make men sexier to women.  Anything from flowers to jewelry to shoes will do; the classics will rarely let you down. But if you know her well enough to know what special things make her tick, that’s even better. To summarize, it’s Mush up to Man up.


Stop working at Walmart and get a real career.  You say full-time job at a warehouse and she thinks, “Lazy bum who didn’t bother to go to college.”  If you’ve got a career as a firemen, doctor, policeman, or even as a chef, you’ve pretty much got it made.  It’s something about the uniform that makes women go weak in the knees. And if you do have a lame sucky job, just be clear early on that you have a long term plan with what you are doing with your life. It matters.


If you do something noble and self-sacrificing like read to a children’s group at the public library or donate blood every eight weeks, she’ll be impressed. Giving a damn about something more than just your own self-interests IS sexy in a man or a woman.  As a general life hack, picking something to contribute to is just an all-round life enhancer.


Put down the Playboy and pick up a book every now and then.  Maybe reading wasn’t your thing in school but to most women, knowing a thing or two about books makes you that much more interesting and that much sexier.  A man who reads is a man who knows stuff.  She’ll fawn all over you and your great intelligence. Remember:

Poor people have big TV’s , rich people have big libraries.


Learn to cook a few meals.  You don’t have to become Top Chef, but if the woman you are dating wants to do dinner at your place and all you can do is scramble eggs or order Chinese takeout, she won’t find that attractive.  Women love a man who can cook, so take the time to learn your way around the kitchen and it’ll make you sexier to women. If you totally can’t cook, a good workaround is take her on a date to a high end cooking class where you get to eat at the end. These are getting pretty common nowadays and make for a great date, plus you leave with a few skills, to boot.

Good Sport

You’re so used to winning at everything because you’re king of the mountain.  Women get that.  But on the extremely rare occasion that you lose to her in a game, you scream and go in a corner to pout.  Then she promptly leaves and refuses to answer your phone calls.  If you want to be attractive, learn to accept losing.  A man who can swallow his pride and acknowledge the skills of someone else over his own is a man that women find sexy.  She may even want to continue playing with you. Woot!


She may not be outdoorsy, but she’ll think you’re sexy if you are.  Whether you play soccer, mountain bike, snowboard, or even garden, being outdoorsy makes men sexy to women.


No, we’re not saying that she’ll only date you if you have kids.  (Though for you men who are single with children of your own, you’ll definitely be able to find women who are attracted to good fathers.)  But if you have nieces or nephews and she sees you rolling around on the floor with them, playing Dinosaur or whatever game they’ve invented, she’ll find that incredibly sexy.  Whether or not you and she will ever have a family together, women have this subconscious thought that men who are good with other kids would be good with their own kids.  And that, to them, is sexy.


When a man speaks to her in a language she can’t understand, the less logical female is strangely attracted.  Something about being foreign, speaking a foreign language, or taking her to a foreign place definitely makes men sexier to women. Grabbing a Rosetta Stone CD or taking a cheap course from Pimsleur in French can do wonders for your love life, and it’s not bad for the gray matter, either.


Maybe you thought being in band was for nerds in high school (and okay, maybe it was).  But a man who can play guitar, saxophone, piano, sing, dance, or act – and still retain his masculinity – is a man that women call incredibly sexy.  She’ll love you all the more if you can serenade her with your deep bass singing voice.

Handyman: means you are handy with your hands. Now we are talking.

If you build it, they will come.  Or if you can fix it.  A man who can repair a broken car, stair rail, door, or anything else is super sexy because the woman knows she can always go to you when she can’t do it herself.  That means she’s not likely to want to walk away. Fixing that stuck drawer is sexy, go figure. Women love it.

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