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Can Women Have Low Testosterone?

Did you know that there are cases of low t in women?  If you think the woman in your life might have some sort of hormonal imbalance going on (besides the normal hormonal stuffs you can never seem to figure out), she might have low testosterone.  Many women do not even know that their bodies produce testosterone, let alone that they could have low testosterone.  While it is commonly referred to as the “male hormone”, testosterone is also produced in the woman’s body and functions in much the same way as it does in a man’s body, though to a lesser degree because women produce less testosterone.  Thank heaven for that, or you might find yourself dating a woman with a deep bass voice, burly muscles, and a hairy chest.  When women have low testosterone levels, they can experience some of the same problems men do.  So send your lady friend this way so that she can learn the symptoms, causes, and treatment for low t in women.

Symptoms of Low T in Women

Low t in women produces a lot of the same symptoms as low t in men.  For example, it makes women more susceptible to osteoporosis.  This is largely the reason why so many post-menopausal women have osteoporosis, because with menopause their bodies stop producing much of their testosterone.  Sounds like the perfect tradeoff: no more monthly periods or childbirth, but now your ankles might shatter from walking down the stairs.  In addition, women who are struggling to control excess fat may have low testosterone.  This refers to more excess fat than that stubborn half centimeter on your stomach that would bring you down to a size 0.  Men, you know that she’s not fat (or you probably wouldn’t have given her a second look), but if she’s struggling in this area, help her out a bit.  Gently encourage her to get her testosterone levels checked.  Depression and a lack of energy are other major symptoms of low t in women.  When testosterone is low, women are more likely to be depressed and weighed down by the difficulties of life.  Look for signs that are above and beyond normal levels of stress and depression, because women already know how to hate themselves and worry over every little thing.  Women, take a break and breathe a little before you really do blast your poor, unsuspecting husband to smithereens.  Let him run the household for an hour or two and take advantage of the opportunity to not have to manage the entire world for once—go out and get a well-deserved pedicure.  For women who know that their thyroid levels are normal and can’t determine why they frequently feel cold, low testosterone may be the reason.  Decreased sex drive, painful sex, and an inability to achieve orgasm are additional symptoms of low testosterone levels.  Testosterone promotes tissue strength for the vulva and clitoris in women; thus, inability to achieve orgasm is an indicator of low t in women.  (As if you didn’t already have to fake it half the time.)

Causes of Low T in Women

One major cause of low testosterone in women is aging and menopause.  But men have to suffer from lower testosterone as they age, too, so you’re not in this alone.  Another cause of low t in women is oral contraceptives, which suppress the production of all sex hormones.  With birth control you may be able to have sex without worrying about pregnancy, but it could also mean you lose the desire for sex.  Seems counterproductive.  Ovarian cancer and chemotherapy decrease testosterone, as do diseases of or damages to the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, high blood pressure, diabetes, morbid obesity, some infections, and having a hysterectomy.  So if you want to avoid any chance of low testosterone, live a healthy lifestyle, have babies freely, and don’t get cancer.  And don’t get any older.  Easy as pie, right?  Looks like you may be stuck looking at low t treatments at some point.

Treatment of Low T in Women

Ladies, don’t think that treatment for low t will make you more “manly”.  Your body needs testosterone just as much as men’s bodies do.  Receiving controlled and regulated additional testosterone has been shown to increase female sex drive, muscle tone, and ability to think.  Indeed, receiving treatment for low t in women has also been found to protect breast tissue.  Just what you needed to fill out that sexy new little black dress you just purchased!  One form of testosterone treatment for women includes the patch, which is also used as a treatment for men and which transmits testosterone daily into the body.  Studies have indicated that the use of the patch in women leads to stronger bones, bigger muscles, and a stronger libido.  That last one should make your man happy.  An additional form of treatment is testosterone lozenges, which are dissolved under the tongue.  They may not taste like chocolate but at least they won’t add five pounds to your hips.  Testosterone injections, testosterone gels, and testosterone pellets are other ways of treating low t in women.  If you experience these symptoms or have noticed these causes, you might have low testosterone, and you should consult your doctor for testing and treatment.  Do it now, before your husband breaks down completely from sex deprivation.

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