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Do I Have Low Testosterone? What the hell is that anyway?

In our society where it is increasingly acceptable to talk about sexual health, many men like you are wondering how to tell if you have low t.  Low testosterone means you have a decreased amount of testosterone, which is the male hormone that promotes sexual health, maintains sexual organs, and increases muscle and bone mass.  While some medical conditions are easy to identify, low testosterone can be difficult to pinpoint.  And it can make your joystick difficult to point, too.  There are many signs and symptoms of low t as well as causes of low testosterone that can help you know whether or not you have low t.  While you can take a low testosterone symptoms quiz online, these typically do not include very many signs of low testosterone; they can also lead to you getting lots of ads and spam emails about penis enlargement that are as effective as trying to dribble a football.  This article will go over the symptoms and causes of low testosterone so that you can know how to tell if you have low t.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

The first part of knowing how to tell if you have low t is learning what low t symptoms are.  Some of the more difficult to recognize symptoms are moodiness, irritability, anxiety, sadness, depression, and a general lack of interest in anything.  You already knew you don’t care about Gossip Girl or the next Royal Wedding, but since when did you not care who wins the Super Bowl?  You’ll also find that mental fogginess, difficulty concentrating, decreased mental quickness, and decreased ability to think are symptoms of low testosterone.  It’s not just those late nights playing Halo or Call of Duty that are slowly turning your brain to jelly.  Men with low testosterone may have difficulty sleeping and low levels of energy.  But it’s probably not a good idea to perpetuate the problem by turning on the Playstation for more brain-numbing video games.  While these can also all be symptoms of a stressful lifestyle or other medical conditions, recognizing them as abnormal is one of the ways to know how to tell if you have low t, or that you may have low t.  Additional symptoms that affect the body are decreased muscle mass/strength and bone strength.  Another way to know how to tell if you have low t is to look for abnormal body signs such as an unexplained increase in body fat, including breast size and tenderness, decreased facial hair and pubic hair, and shrinking penis or testicles.  Cue penis panic.  But trying to get ripped and put hair on your chest by doing manly things like swallowing a fireball or picking up a car may be less effective than seeking more reasonable and effective treatments.  After all these signs, the best way to know if you have low t is to take note of your sex drive and sexual function.  Notice anything different lately, such as a complete lack of interest when your wife displays some sexy new lingerie?  Decreased desires for sex, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual endurance, or any other decrease in sexual desire, ability, or function are all likely symptoms of low testosterone.

Causes of Low Testosterone

Another way of knowing how to tell if you have low t is understanding the causes of low t.  One of these causes is aging, which naturally decreases the amount of testosterone.  You young pups in your twenties and thirties are not exempt, either; not only middle aged men are losing testosterone but you are already losing it, too.  (Live it up while you still can!)  Obesity, diabetes, blood pressure disorders, hormonal disorders, or infections are additional causes of low testosterone.  More significant causes include inflammatory diseases, testicular cancer, HIV/AIDS, and cancer therapy such as chemotherapy or radiation treatment.  If you are taking certain medications or performance boosting drugs, you can also develop low t.  Take the hit to your pride and deal with losing in football rather than take the ’roids and deal with losing in bed.  Identifying the presence of any of these causes in your life, especially if you have also been experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, will answer your question of how to tell if you have low t.

What Should You Do Now?

Now that you know how to tell if you have low t, the next step is to talk to your doctor and receive a blood test.  If the test results indicate that your testosterone levels are indeed low, you should discuss treatment for low testosterone.  Stop squealing in fear like a little girl and take control of your life like a man: use this information on how to tell if you have low t by asking your doctor about low t treatment.

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