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What are Common Low T Symptoms?

How can you know if you have the dreaded “low t” if you don’t know what symptoms to look for?  Like symptoms of any other medical condition, low t symptoms are signs that may identify low testosterone levels.  Low testosterone (low t) affects a lot of men in the world today; you may better than all your pals at fixing car troubles but chances are you’re no better than them in testosterone production.  Testosterone is the male hormone that maintains sexual and reproductive health, which means you might have some problems on your next hookup if you have low testosterone.  In most cases where individuals have low testosterone, they also experience low t symptoms.  If you’re freaking out because you think you might have low testosterone, this article will tell you all about low t symptoms so that you can preserve your manly dignity by knowing what to look for.

Low T Symptoms Related to Sex and Sexual Function

Nothing ruins sex like not being able to have it.  But having low testosterone can negatively affect a man’s desire for sex and ability to have sex.  Many men who have low testosterone experience sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction, as well as a decrease in sexual endurance.  If you are one of the ever-so-lucky men for whom it is easier to cry than to have an orgasm, it could be a symptom of low t.  (Or that you’ve been spending too much time watching Nicholas Sparks movies with your girlfriend.  Go hang your head in shame and then make her watch some James Bond movies with you.  You’ll both thank me in the morning.)  Talk to your doctor about these sex-related low t symptoms and seek his recommended treatment to bring the fire back into your sex life. 

Low T Symptoms Related to the Overall Health of the Body

Not only can low testosterone levels ruin sex but they can also cause other health problems.  For starters, having difficulty sleeping or experiencing fatigue, weakness, or a decrease in energy are all signs of low t.  In addition, increased body fat as well as increased breast size and tenderness can indicate low t levels.  It really does look like you’re turning into a woman.  Low t could be the cause of both your spare tire and man boobs while all of them together make you more and more of a lazy slob.  Bet that makes you feel great—but at least you have something to blame now when getting nagged by the wife.  Unfortunately, those symptoms can also be indicative of other issues, such as not eating healthy foods and not getting enough rest at night.  Try going to bed earlier, chomping down on some carrots, and exercising for once.  (But really, more than once.  At least three times.)  If you find these low t symptoms still occur when diet, sleep, and exercise are controlled, you might look into low testosterone treatments.  Another disappointing symptom of low testosterone levels is finding out you’re no longer a muscle-regenerating Wolverine with rugged attractive scruffiness and adamantium skeleton.  In other words, low testosterone leads to a decrease in muscle tone, mass, and strength, as well as a decrease in bone strength and facial hair.  Yet another sign can be reduced penis or testicle size.  Less common low t symptoms related to overall body health include heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.  Basically, if you don’t get this taken care of, there’s a slight chance it might cause some serious problems for you.  But no worries—there are ways to treat it if you man up and take control of your health.

Low T Symptoms Related to Mood and Mental Function

Having low testosterone levels can also negatively affect mental and emotional health.  Low t levels can render a man more irritable and anxious.  Now you can’t deny it any longer – sometimes you have PMS, too.  (Maybe this will be good for your relationship by helping you understand better what your girlfriend’s emotions do to her every month.)  Also common for men with low testosterone is feeling sadness, depression, and apathy.  Mental low t symptoms include mental fogginess or fuzziness, difficulty concentrating, decreased ability to think, decreased mental quickness, or more serious cognitive disorders.  For example, some studies have linked low t levels to Alzheimer’s Disease.  You may have been forgetting where you put your keys for years, but if you find yourself frequently forgetting where you put your kid or that you even have a kid, well then, looks like you have a problem.

Recognizing and Dealing with Low T Symptoms

All this information may be a bit overwhelming, but that’s why we gave you so much.  We knew you’d be man enough to handle it all despite what your t levels say.  Now that you know some of the many symptoms related to low testosterone levels, you can recognize low testosterone signs in your own life and check health concerns with your doctor.  While some low t symptoms are less pressing than others, low t is not something to just ignore and hope it will go away.  Man up and take responsibility by looking for symptoms of low t in your life.  Recognizing symptoms of low t is the first step to getting you back to fully-functioning, grizzly bear tackling manliness. 

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