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The big beefy-chick magnet-manly sweater

A killer sweater is an essential item for your closet. It is one of the essential items to add to your wardrobe. If you’re stressed about looking good, there’s nothing like a great classic sweater to give you ultimate style and sexiness. Sweaters that fit well will flatter almost any body type – they can smooth out a rotund midsection and create thickness for a skinny waist. In other words, a good, properly fitted classic sweater is the all-powerful clothing item that will give you a classic sense of style that’s been working the ladies for decades. Check out these visuals to get the feel we are going for here.

steve mcqueen cable sweater

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If you are a more conservative person or want this to be an option for formal wear, go for a darker color sweater that will look a bit more upmarket and gentleman-like. For more casual wear, go for something a little brighter or lighter, off- white cable knit fisherman style will never ever go out of style. This will give you more freedom and flexibility. Dark grey, blue, black, etc. are generally the most versatile colors. If there’s a color you’ve been complimented in, go with that one. If you are getting serious I would get two beefy sweaters one off-white and one dark gray/almost black.


Okay, so what pattern should it be? No pattern means more elegant and formal while patterned sweaters are more casual. Patterned sweaters are also more memorable, so don’t count on wearing one every single day or people will think you only have one item of clothing. If you go with a patterned sweater, always pair it with simple solids that don’t detract from the sweater pattern. But the ideal best sweater to start with is a simple cable sweater, where you have a general solid color but something interesting to the texture. Lets be super clear here, by pattern we mean the weave of the sweater, NOT a design or mixture of colors to create a pattern. Stick to style and you cant help but to look great. Danger photos of what NOT to get below.

the wrong sweater


Wool is traditional and timeless. You may have bad memories of scratchy wool sweaters that your grandmother knitted for you as a child, but the truth of the matter is that not all wool is uncomfortable. It’s highly durable, extremely warm, and will treat you just fine if you prevent it from getting wet or damaged by heat. Cotton sweaters are ok-ish but less thick/warm than wool or cashmere and tend to age very poorly. Synthetic fabrics can act like cotton or wool sweaters, but they are not as high in quality and may not last as long. Some great sweaters are going to be a combo of wool and synthetics, this can be ok and stretch the budget quite a bit, that being said look for at least 50% wool.


What style of sweater should you get? Start with a turtleneck. A dark, fitted turtleneck sweater will make you look sexy, and stylish. The ladies LOVE a man in a turtleneck sweater. The nice thing about a turtleneck is that you can wear it however you like – by itself, with a suit, whatever floats your boat. Another option for later might be a V neck sweater; choose one with a slight V neck (too low cut may lead others to question your masculinity) and pair it with a dress shirt underneath so that the collar sticks out over the neckline.

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If you are buying new, a great sweater should run you around $ 80-200 bucks for good stuff from basic retailers like Banana Republic, J Crew, Brooks Brothers etc, kicking up the label to say Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss etc can get into the $300-400 ranges.


I have made it a point of pride to collect a 20k wardrobe on ebay buying mint used cloths for 2k dollars as an ongoing sub thread of the style section. Since we are going with classic style and high quality stuff here, buying a 1 year old $400 dollar Ralph Lauren hand made sweater for $40 bucks suits me just fine.

So I shopped and this is what I ended up buying.

Wool Turtle Neck

100% Wool dark gray Abercrombie&Fitch mens turtle neck. with shipping about $20 bucks and it looks awesome on.

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