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First Date …Bring it on!

Ohh, the first date…where to go, what to do…our awesome Just4dudes first date guide will get you to first base with ease. BUT FIRST, let’s lay some ground rules for the dating clueless. For starters, you are probably not purely sexy enough or witty enough to blow her out of the water on a typical first dinner date. So don’t bother to try. Go off-road; pick an activity that is designed to bring out the relaxed, the creative, or just plain fun. It will give you a serious edge that’s just too hard to just pull off over a run-of-the-mill dinner date.

These are far better options for getting her totally interested in you than just taking her to a movie.  And before you get too excited, you won’t find poker and cigars, food eating contests, or shooting on this list – well, unless you know she likes that sort of thing, which does occasionally happen (in which case, start the ring shopping right now!).

The first rule of first dates: avoid anything for a first date that will require too much specialized skill or interest.  Don’t take her sky diving if you aren’t sure whether or not she’s a risk taker or scared of heights.  Don’t play sports unless you know she’s athletic.  Choose an activity for the first date that will allow you to have a great time and to get to know each other better so that you can be prepared with more person-specific ideas for future dates.  That being said, here are some foolproof ideas we’ve compiled for dating fools like you.

Bowling-Can lead to hot sex.

A classic.  Nope, I am not joking. Nobody can take themselves seriously while wearing those goofy shoes and doing the Fred Astaire moves across the lanes. As a result, people totally relax and laugh, which is a great start for a first date. Practically every city has a bowling alley, and it’s one of the easiest activities to have fun, relax, and show off your relaxed fun side in a stress free environment.

A Walk is Intimate

Go for a walk through the city, in the park, on the beach, ideally someplace unique and interesting. It has the cool added benefit that a date can go a lot of ways: maybe you see a restaurant or a gallery or anything that is accessible in the area. That unplanned stroll will give you a lot of clues to follow up on.


You think it’s sentimental and old-fashioned, but she thinks it’s sensitive and sweet.  And you get to eat, which is never a bad thing. Bring booze, grade A food, bug spray, and an extra blanket to…hmmm, keep warm?

Museum or Gallery

Visit a museum or gallery.  If you know she likes art and all you see in those French paintings is naked women, she’ll love educating you a little bit.  (And you’ll love the naked women.)  If you both like art, you can discuss favorite artists and artworks in the exhibit. Take 20 minutes to Google the “art is” question if there is a theme involved in the event.


Do a service – volunteer at a soup kitchen, plant flowers in the city, visit an orphanage.  She’ll love that you want to help people, and you just might love it, too. This one is a pretty date type specific, though. If she has perfect nails and is a bit on the high upkeep type, I might steer clear of this one at first.

Race Go-Karts

Find a go-kart track and race!  You can impress her with your driving skills or hide in shame when she whips you on the last lap.  Either way, you’ll have a good time.  Winner buys the loser a drink. This one is in the same league as bowling.

Comedy Club

Chances are good that she’d have fun at a comedy club with you.  You can laugh together and get to know each other’s sense of humor, which (let’s be honest) matters a little more than how good a kisser she is.  At least, if you want to date her for any prolonged period of time.  If she doesn’t even appreciate Anchorman or yo’ mamma jokes, she may have to go. This is a great back up to the typical dinner date.

Art- Andy Worhall to the rescue!

Do something artistic.  Paint each other?  Get some painting tools and a large canvas and paint something together.  Go somewhere with interesting scenery or images and sketch, then ask strangers to vote on who did a better job.  Making art is just as fun as an adult as it was when you were 3.  Besides, few people are good artists, so this can be fun and entertaining or an opportunity to show off a little if you’re good with a pencil. There are often beginner art classes you can find on Craigslist or Google. This is a grade A first date.

Tango Lesson, raa chaa chaa

Sign up for any type of interesting dance class, Tango, whatever. These tend to be fun and really help you get close very fast. This one is good if you are getting the right signals that your date is already into you. If the waters are still too untested, the close physical proximity could backfire. You’ll just have to go with your gut on this one.

Cooking, Or…Get in that kitchen and make me some pie,B$$*CH!

Women love men who can cook.  Cooking is a fun and generally easy activity, and you get to eat your food afterward.  Then you can compliment each other’s mad cooking skills…or mock each other mercilessly and end with a food fight and some necessary shower time.  It’s a win-win situation for all.  Try to have her help a bit; again, it’s DOING something together that is the ice breaker. This does require you know how to make at least a FEW great dishes, and definitely find out if she is allergic or a vegan before heading down this path. I can painfully admit that I made a steak one time for a vegan. Did not work out as planned.

So there you go. Any of the first dates listed above will give you a great shot at breaking the ice, putting you both in the right frame of mind if the chemistry is there. You don’t get what you deserve in life; you get what you negotiate. Same goes for dating. Get serious,  do some out of the box planning, and you are way ahead of the average guy’s game.

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    First Date Awesomeness

    First Date ...Bring it on!

    Ohh, the first date...where to go, what to do...our awesome Just4dudes first date guide will get
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